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I’ve finally knocked that writer’s block out of the way and finished An Angel On a Demon’s Shoulder

This is the final story of the Conroy Brothers’ Trilogy and features a demon who thinks he’s too hard and cold for the curvy angel who makes his demon burn with desire.


An Angel on a Demon's Shoulders

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When this Conroy brother falls, he falls hard!

Remington Conroy worked for a hellish boss. No, really. His boss was the Prince of Darkness and he was a bounty hunter condemned to bring back the lost souls who managed to escape the fiery pit of hell. He, along with his two brothers, had been condemned to this life long before they were born.

Now, the family curse was broken and the men were free to do as they pleased. Both his brothers had found their mates and were now expecting their first child.

Remington tried not to be envious, he really did. He knew he could never have that. He was a little more than just a bounty hunter, having been recruited to find—and eliminate—the more dangerous souls who managed to escape the devil’s hold. Those souls who couldn’t be allowed to exist—on any realm.

His job was too dangerous and he’d made too many enemies to have a mate and children.
Besides, he had eyes for only one woman—his mother’s curvy assistant, Clementine. For over a year he’d managed to keep his hands to himself and his c*** in his pants. Now that she was in danger and he was forced to protect her at all costs, he knew the gig was up.

The last Conroy brother was about to fall—deeply, irrevocably in love.

You Lucky Witch – Book 1
A Demon’s Desire – Book 2

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A Demon’s Desire

A Demon's Desire

Alright, alright, alright. I’m proofing A Demon’s Desire and hope to have it UP 😉 by MONDAY!!!

Or earlier. It will be on Kindle Unlimited and only 99cents!

Here’s a little something to keep you going until then 🙂

Rafe’s mouth was hard and warm on Julie’s, and it tasted like sin itself. Oh, how she remembered that taste. She opened her mouth to his, wanting to devour him the way he was devouring her. His flannel shirt was soft and the pad of muscle beneath it, big and thick, and warm. All she could feel now was his body, hard and heavy against her. His scent wafted up. She’d once teased him he should have smelled of brimstone and ashes. Instead, he smelled of oceans and forests, rain and sunshine all at once. She’d craved his touch every day since he’d been gone. A need flooded through her, so primal and physical and somehow necessary. As necessary as her next breath. Her arms came up to clasp around his neck, pulling him closer. She was the one deepening the kiss now, the one searching for answers. Awareness. Her soul seemed to splinter with the awareness of how right this was. How right they were together. She shimmied her hips against him and ate up the involuntary groan he gave as she brushed against his groin. Touching each other didn’t feel wrong or bad. But it was. So, so very bad.

Rafe ran his finger down the slope of her neck, nibbled on her earlobe, and threaded his hand through her hair. He seemed to be touching her everywhere, all at once. His breath was hot upon her skin, his beard stubble rough upon her cheek. She couldn’t think while he did these things.

But she had to.

“No, no, no.” She pulled back, covering her red and swollen lips with her hand. “What are you doing?”

His arms tightened around her waist, forcing her to feel once again the steely evidence of his arousal that made her want to throw all her common sense into the wind.

“I thought I was showing you how much I want you.”

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And coming SOON, SOON, SOON An Angel On A Demon’s Shoulder

– Remington’s story!

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